Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Eggdrop Tcl Scripts by Opposing (a.k.a Sir_Fz)

Useful scripts that I've written for public use:

All Protection v4.7 (mirror) - Latest beta: All Protection v4.9b4
An all around protection script which protects your channels from all types of floods (public/private/notice/CAPS/codes/clones/joins/parts/revolving door/mass floods/takeovers/drones/advertisements/bad words/nicks and more...) and has a built-in anti-spam bot which can cycle your channels and signal your Eggdrop to kick offenders. Includes custom features like kick info and counter in kick-messages and banning through services. Also can akill/k-line offenders if the bot is an IRCOp; script can be tweaked based on your desire.
Fz Commands v3.1 (mirror)
A script which allows public and private control of your bot. It has admin and owner access levels, highly secure and can assign different access levels for users on every channel. Contains all essential commands such as op, voice, kick, ban, add, remove, chattr...etc (includes manipulating eggdrop's internal ban list). Recommended for controlling your channel.
Black List v1.4 (mirror)
A script which allows you to add hostmasks to a black list via DCC or public commands. Very fast in banning blacklisted users and protects the bot from flooding out if many blakclisted users join simultaneously. Nifty options included in the script.
Ping v1.4 (mirror)
A nice little script that replies to !ping requests (can be enabled/disabled on each channel).

Scripts also available at

All scripts are published under the General Public License (GPL).


Anonymous said...

Hi Sir_Fz.

u can insert this code in your blacklist.1.3? so i like ur tcl blacklist

b coz, want now remove bans puts it a bd (blacklist.txt).
and add to blackist with a public command, without reason (only ex: %badd nick) so my eggdrop add this host in blacklist *!*@host.domain.

so, when a user have ban in bd, my egg put kick:

* Testuser2 was KICKED by myeggdrop (you're in a blacklist, if this an error put: /msg Chasse unban)

so, when this user put: /msg Chasse unban
eggdrop response in privmsg with a code generate:
"hi $nick, if u want unbanned put now: /msg Chasse unban $code.

(if other user don't have ban, and put command unban, my eggdrop ignore this user.)

if user is kicked and don't put /msg Chasse unban.
my eggdrop DON'T send privmsg to user.

aaaaaaaaaaahh and u can add this type to enable script?

.chanset #mychan +/-blacklist
.chanset #mychan +/-lockban

.chanset #mychan +lockban
only flags +n or +m can remove bans via dcc or pub command.

.chanset #mychan -lockban
flags +n or +m AND ONLY user banned can remove ur own ban.

sorry for disturb you.

i'm Sh3ny.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Sir :(

pls helpme :(

Fz said...

I'll try to help you when I find time. Please be patient.

Anonymous said...

ok :D

Anonymous said...

Hello sir, i try use allprotection4.6b8 and encounter problem like this :

[01:07] unmatched open quote in list
while executing
"lrange $apl 2 end"
(procedure "rd" line 5)
invoked from within
(procedure "load" line 49)
invoked from within
(in namespace eval "::AllProtection" script line 2647)
invoked from within
"namespace eval AllProtection {

# Basic declarations: (don't touch)
variable declr
foreach declr {textl textc notcl notcc capsp repeatf codesf adexemp..."

so maybe u can give me a clue 'cause i'm blind about tcl

Fz said...

You added invalid elements into one of AP's lists with unmatched open-quotations. Please review your aplists file and fix the erroneous elements.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir_Fz. Thank you for continuing to work on the allprotection script. I've tried to download the most recent version 4.6b9 using the link provided, but I get the following error:

The file link that you requested is not valid.

Do you have another place this file is currently hosted that I may download from? Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, I found the megaupload link from the forums :)

Unknown said...

hello fiz i hade communicated by mail with you once again in past. I hade some problem with CHATstats.tcl and i tryed my luck in effnet and in dalnet nothing in the end a post from you saved my day once again and now i have my stats in my channel and logs with the logziper in the end in what irc are you in i wand to join. John Giatrakis(

Unknown said...


One of the greatest scripter of TCL i have seen, working very patiently and for long time on the

There are hundred of scripters around, but the way Sir_Fz/ Opposing developed his famous script Allprotection, and provided a complete support to many users about the script from a long time, is fantastic.

Keep it up Sir_Fz, You are the best!!!


Fz said...

@John I'm glad I was able to help you solve your problem :) I'm on Dalnet (nick Opposing), however I don't connect very often (always idle)

@Jawad, Thank you for your support. Much appreciated :))

Anonymous said...

Hello, can u help me how to create a small and easy tcl, that removes the z:line when a "listed" ip get zlined?

i just need some help with it, can u help me? :D

thx anyway, my email:

Anonymous said...

- I am one of your tcl script user. Specially on ALL PROTECTION Tcl
- Here
On The TCL "Fz Commands v3.1" Please update it or add more stuff. like
!rehash to take effect some changes
!nick newnick ( Very good if bot changed nick and using ALT nick)
!save to save the usr/chan changes
!name to change the bot realname.
!vhost to change vhost
etc.. :P
- :P just a suggestion hehehe

- Janroe a.k.a IrcMafia @ #packeter DALnet

Jerico said...

hello Sir_Fz

it seems your tcl are not 100% drones controller... still the drones can enter to the channel. do u have idea to that problem Sir_Fz?

Just a comment :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir_Fz.

where can I download the files:
Fz Commands v3.1
Black List v1.3


when I click on the link is there only:
The file link that you requested is not valid.

pls help :(

mit freundlichen grüßen! Diamond85

Anonymous said...

-mit freundlichen grüßen!

+with friendly greetings!

the translator is sometimes slower than me :D

Anonymous said...


have longer retrieve the blacklist. the link is dead: (

Sorry for my English

Fz said...

I'll re-check the links and fix them all. Excuse the lack of maintenance :)

Fz said...

I've updated all links, and uploaded a new version of the ping script, 1.4 with a few tweaks :)

AzOt said...

I can see coming because I meet with a concern for users with special characters. I use the blacklist of Opposing version 1.3 and I can not have that at the join of the users it is a own ban on nickname

eg Mask: \ [Ors \ ]*!*@* - Request: Nitrogen - bantime: 0

| 1:39:28 p.m. | "Centro ban + b \ [Ors \] |*!*@*

I hope you get the point: (

thank you for your help

sorry for my English

AzOt said...


I use the blacklist and I can come to know how to use the ban on the nickname that is in the blacklist.txt and not on the vhost please?

ps: its been a week since I try to find help me please


Fz said...

The changes I suggested on egghelp work (tested them myself). Please try the updated version of the script available from and give me feedback.

Gabriel said...

Hey Sir_Fz, I was wondering if you're a football fan.

Fz said...

@Gabriel yes I'm definitely a football fan :D (I hope we're talking about football and not American football)

Gabriel said...

Fz, cool! that was exactly what I was referring to. Is there anywhere on IRC I can contact you?

Fz said...

I'm Opposing on DALnet but I'm basically 99% idling there (I very rarely logon to IRC anymore these days)

Gabriel said...

I have a proposal for you.
What nickname do you use on DALnet?

Gabriel said...

I've messaged you on DALnet

Unknown said...

would it be possible for u to put the ability of the fzcommands.tcl could respond to the public trigger and also to the botnick, like "!op user" or "botnick op user" ty in advance

Unknown said...

Hi Sir,

Can you please provide the working link for all protection v7. I tried the one in the blog, it seems to be broken.


JalalRoomi said...

hi, how we can add channel and , how we can delet channel ? anyone know DCC command

Anonymous said...

Sir_Fiz can you help me to find a tcl if someone do mass kick by chanserv or manual in channel my eggdrop should wipe sop aop list and deop everyone from channel

Anonymous said...


.+chan #channel
.-chan #channel

Anonymous: If you can ask DALnet to give you the "ChanServ WHY" code, than maybe you would be able to get that tcl.

Serano Defranco said...

Sir_Fiz hello if u have time can u help me with 1 tcl badnick ?
thx in advance

Anonymous said...

Sup Sup Sir FZ you do GREAT BeatBox And have Great Tcl Scripts
your the best dude and have many fans and i would be your biggest :D

all the best my man you've got the BEAT ;P

ComputerTech said...

Sup Sup Sir FZ you do GREAT BeatBox And have Great Tcl Scripts
your the best dude and have many fans and i would be your biggest :D

all the best my man you've got the BEAT ;P